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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Overheard from the upstairs neighbors

"Look under the bed...get a rake."
-Sent from Austin's phone.


D. Manning said...


oh crap, that's my upstairs too!

pam said...

How come you didn't race up and offer to help? By the way, we found a dead one of those creepy critters in our yard the other day and I have vowed not to go out in my slippers any more.

D Smith said...

they're just cleaning up after and autumn leaf fight.

Austin said...

pam, what creepy critters?

pam said...

If I heard somebody in a somewhat alarming sounding voice yell to somebody else to get a rake, i would immedeiately think, snake!. That is what we found in the back yard, a dead snake, although he was just about 18 inches long and skinny. I don't like them.