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Monday, August 04, 2008

An Open Letter to T-Mobile

Dear T-Mobile,

I've been a customer of yours for as long as I've had a cell-phone. That's three and a half years at this point. In that time, I've paid you a very significant sum of money. It may not be significant to you, but it's taken a terrible toll on my wallet. I continue to pay the monthly service, though, because I've become more or less dependent on having access to people and information wherever I go. I've been satisfied with the service (if not the price) with a couple exceptions:

  1. When I purchased my first phone, I went all out. I bought a Samsung P735. It played Mp3s, it recorded video, it took great pictures (for it's day). It was too good to be true. So I took out an insurance policy on it's functional use. So when, a year and some months later, the inevitable happened, I was not concerned. I'd been paying a monthly fee, so that when the phone did break, it would be replaced. I called Asurion Insurance, and they politely informed me there would be a deductible. Turns out that means a deduction from my wallet. They charged me $100.00 to take advantage of the policy I'd already been paying for. Oh, and replacing my phone? That model is no longer manufactured. We'll provide a comparable model. Comparable model? They sent a RAZR. And wouldn't let me trade for something else. Lets recap: I bought a nice, expensive phone, paid a monthly fee so I wouldn't have to worry about replacing it, and you charged me $100.00 so I could have an exceptionally crappy replacement (that broke a few weeks after buying it). You've just taken advantage of my business in a way that borders on criminal. And for the life of me, I can't figure out why I didn't switch to a different wireless provider then.

  2. In my service plan, I was offered a free additional service. I chose the "WorldClass International Service". This is what I was shown.This sounded appealing. However, on my recent trip to a family reunion, I was charged a large amount of money for roaming. Apparently, I miss-read what service I was receiving. What I was getting for FREE wasn't International WorldClass Service, it was the chance to use my phone and pay more money. You gave me (for FREE) the chance to pay a lot of money for services. That's not exactly generous.

Today, the terms of my contract are long played out, and my service is on a month to month basis. Give me one single reason why I shouldn't try to find a more honest service provider. You've done nothing but "nickel and dime" me from day one. You've alienated me, your customer, by deceiving me whenever you thought it might profit you. I'm convinced your online services to check plans, coverage, billing, etc., are deliberately difficult to use, so the customer can't easily figure out what he's paying and what he's using. Your focus is on money, not your service.

In short, I'm extremely dissatisfied with the way you conduct business. It's dishonest and immoral. I would hope that will change, but I'm not sticking around to see that it does.



mdiller said...

Your rants are much more intertaining in person. I hope you mailed this to them.

Austin said...

I try to be more polite in writing. I'm not holding my breath for restitution, but I sent it to them anyway.

pam said...

I too hope you really send them the letter. But it probably won't have any effect. I think all the cell phone providers, land lines too, use the same tactics. They think we're all a bunch of dunces and we'll never catch on. We have been looking up other providers lately and they all give you a good initial price but reserve the right to up it in a couple of months.

Nancy said...

Aus! What happened? How much did they charge you for the calls in Canada? Also I don't think you should put your signature online, personally I don't think you should even have your last name out there, I'm just sayin...