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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PG Times

I clicked on this editorial in the NY Times thinking it might be an article about Prop 8, an ever interesting subject. I thought the article might discuss the discrimination the LDS Church has faced for it's participation with an interfaith group to preserve what constitutes a marriage and family.

Not so. The article was about the city of Pleasant Grove, UT discriminating against a religious group I'd never heard of. Bad move, PG. Could've gotten your way if you'd played those cards a little differently, but not now. The Supreme Court has you now.

Also, there was an interesting article in The Economist about The Mormon work ethic.


Erin Leigh said...

Random Fact for the Day: Gnosticism was huge during Paul's preachings in the New Testatment. It was all the rage back in the day.

Becky said...

So do you subscribe to the All or Nothing philosophy when it comes to religious icons on public land? What are your thoughts??

Austin said...

I think they were late in implementing their policy of "only accepting displays that directly related to the city’s history, or that were donated by groups with longstanding ties to the community". If they had made that clear on the outset with the park, they could have gotten away with it. But fair is fair, and their motives are suspect now.

But it is an All or Nothing policy. So up goes the monument to gnosticism.