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Thursday, November 20, 2008


I mentioned what a talented family I have? Well, we're also well connected.

Apparently my sister is ol' friends with Stephenie Meyer. Who knew?

But I'll be honest. Though I'll probably see Twilight, I'm more excited for Star Trek.

Caught myself the other day stopping in D.I. and watching Star Trek IV on VHS. You haven't seen it? Well, that needs to change. Regardless of your Trekkiness or lack of it, it's a good movie for everybody. Honest.

Also, Watchmen looks to be awesome. Zack Snyder knows the tricks to use.

I read the graphic novel (self-elevating speak for "comic book") this summer. Read the whole thing in three days. I would come home from work, pick it up, start reading, and not be able to stop till I went to bed. I've never been a big comic book fan, but maybe that's because I knew that if I let myself go down that path, I'd get in way too deep.

Don't think the quality of illustration is trying to make up for any lack of content. The novel is actual good literature. It made Time Magazine's top 100 Novels of All Time. Not graphic novels, not comic books. Top Novels of All Time.

The author, Alan Moore, is a certified looney. I've read interviews and watched a strange independent documentary about him. Really a bizarre individual. But a great writer.

Speaking of writers and mentioning my talented family earlier, I'm not exactly sure how I failed to mention (or link to) my brother Stephen. He is a Renaissance Man. He wrote a novel last year and is submitting it around to be published. I'm hoping to take a sci-fi writing class with him next semester taught by Brandon Sanderson.


Nancy said...

How were you out of the loop on that one? Comics, who knew. When I think of comics I think of that guy on the Simpsons.

D. Manning said...

ah yes, the watchmen days (all 3 of them). i miss those days.

as a side note, the word verification for me to make this post was "whopeed"