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Thursday, September 04, 2008


My friend David and I once started to write a book about dating at BYU.
We found it wasn't that hard or threatening to take girls out and have a
fun time. It was easy.

That was two years ago.

I don't even remember how to talk to girls anymore.

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SamYam said...

I think they have pamphlets on it. Books maybe too intensive. In fact I think you covered dating at byu well in your blog just now.

D Smith said...

yeah me niether

Nancy said...

just do nice things then, no need for words. Like today we went to Wendy's and I thought my hamburger patty was too rare, so Travis switched with me, such a sweet jesture, those will take you far! How did the auditions go? P.S. when you find a good one the talking will come easy, then you'll know, she's the one.

Jasie said...

I don't feel sorry for you. And I think you and Dave are both dumb.

Austin said...

jasie, your opinion has been received and taken into consideration. Thank you for your helpful comment.

Jasie said...

I don't mean to be insulting. But if you are interested in my full opinion of the situation I would be happy to share.

D Smith said...

I'm interested, but maybe not via this forum.