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Thursday, September 18, 2008

After the Fact

Today I did some reporting. And it was all wrong.

I didn't get the right B-Roll. There were childrens' drawings and kids
on the playground. There was hospital equipment and bicycles and
elaborate signs. There all kinds of great cutaways.

And I didn't get any of it.

Instead, I was worrying about the camera being on, and the record button
pressed, the lighting right, the framing set, the microphone on, then
making sure the mic is off afterward if I want it to work next time.

I make a lousy technician, and when I'm trying to be one, I'm an even
lousier reporter.

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Nancy said...

I bet it's not as bad as you think, you can't get them all right! That was the best thing about just writing, you could fluff if you needed too, no need for moving pictures.

pam said...

We all have bed days from time to time. It's called experience. Take it and run with it.

Mary said...

This may all be true, but you're a pretty good writer and isn't that better than being a talented technician? I mean, anyone can learn to do that.

Austin said...

Mary, I'm going to have to refute that one. Becoming a good technician takes as much time, effort, and practice as becoming any kind of good artisan. They aren't that dissimilar, and in many fields are indistinguishable. A skilled technician is invaluable in virtually any industry, mine especially so.

pc said...

Stop your sniveling, Austin. You are an astute and biting reporter; that said, you are no match for the journalistic brilliance that is Keanu Reeves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Io0BqClHuPE.

To up your reporting stock, I recommend that you begin all of your stories with, "When BYU Weekly/The Daily News sent me to check out [blank], I thought I was in for a lot of craziness." *insert zoom (or maybe racking focus) of Austin closely eyeing the situation.* More points awarded if instead of tilting your head to show the interviewee attentiveness, you say a drawn-out "Whoa !"