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Monday, September 22, 2008


I went to a concert on Saturday. Local bands, groups I had only vaguely
heard of. My friend assured me I'd like them.

The opening band was noise. Straight unsettled noise. The follow-up act
was better, but still indecipherable, only approaching music.

I sat and watched the crowd as much as I watched anything on stage. I'll
always assert that an audience is equally as entertaining as virtually
any spectacle.

We stepped outside to escape the smoke and sweat. I asked my friend why
we come to concerts like this, what's the appeal? He said it's about the
music. I think that's a patent lie.

If it was about the music, they wouldn't have the volume up at such an
unnaturaly high and sustained level that it kills hearing cells. They
wouldn't have the main lights dimmed and the colored lights, strobe, and
disco ball rolling. There wouldn't be smoke machines fogging the already
rank air. The lead singer wouldn't wear black tights, cowboy boots, a
flattened mohawk, and Long John Silver's ruffled button-up. The girl
next to me wouldn't call him sexy. There wouldn't be gaggles of early
teens glancing uncomfortably, late teens trying to look cool, and mid
twenty somethings with despondent stares.

I played along. I danced, I sang, I screamed.

But I'm too old for this. If not in age then in heart. Too old to enjoy
the noise.

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Pickett said...

Sad day, I happen to actually like Neon Trees (I didn't go to the show this time for the toga party, but I knew it was them by your description of the band members and the smoke machine). I'd offer you to borrow my copy of their EP, but judging from the tone of your post, I don't think you'd quite appreciate it.

Austin said...

I'd probably enjoy the EP more than the show. Like I said, feeling old. But I still like music.

Angela said...

Hey! I know the guys in Neon Trees. They all used to work at UCMT!

SamYam said...

Amid all that, it was sure nice to see you again Austin.

Jasie said...

I think I'm getting to that point as well. too old for this. And while I still like to go to shows they have to be REALLY top notch stuff that I already love.

Jasie said...

BTW, if I ever suggest you go to a show and insist it's something you'd like, you should trust me. We're both Reds with hints of blue and I get your taste in music.