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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ebb & Flow

Few things could make me feel better than being offered T.A. positions
by two professors I know and respect.

Few things could make me feel dumber than phenominally failing a
spelling test my senior year of college.

Should be a good year. Wish me luck.

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Emily said...

Thank you for richly illustrating your spelling test failure by misspelling phenomenally and congratulations on the t.a. offers.

pam said...

So do you have time to accept T.A. positions? If you do them, what would you be doing? How come you had to take a spelling test? One of Becky's elementary school teachers said it didn't matter that she didn't do well in spelling because she had such a great immagination. I guess you too fall into that catagory.

Angela said...

What the heck kind of class did you have a spelling test in? I haven't taken spelling tests since maybe 5th grade. Maybe more like 4th.

Angela said...

p.s. I just read Mom's comment and it made me laugh out loud.