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Friday, May 02, 2008

A Perfect Day

Landon's wedding was this morning. He and Katherine are just perfect
together, and I think I got some good pictures. We'll see.

This is proving to be a great day. When we rolled in last night, I was
very hungry. Really only one place to go at 1:30 am. Denny's. Usually
the Denny's Bottomless Hot Chocolate reaches the bottom when the waiter
tires of refilling. Not last night, he was great, and I had seven Hot
chocolates. I had just enough pancakes to really make me happy.

We just bought tickest for a matinee at the IMAX. Ironman, at the IMAX.
Am I excited? I was reading this morning the New York Times review, A.O.
Scott said it was surprisingly good. So I am. I'm excited.

Then we go to the reception, then drive back. All but the lengthy drive,
this is all turning out pretty well.

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D Smith said...

i left on week early

D Smith said...

one not on

Brittany said...

so did you love iron man? i just saw it and i liked it a lot. and i don't usually dig those superhero movies.