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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Get Lost

By show of hands, who hates driving in Seattle?

Any of you who've ever been behind the wheel here should have both hands
held high.

It's absurd. Next time they're planning on making some roads here, they
should keep in mind they aren't moving cars still on the factory
automated line. These lanes will be occupied by PEOPLE driving, trying
to navigate the labyrinthine mess of merge, diverge, weave, and wind.
The streets are narrow, poorly labeled, heavily populated, and most of
the time rained on. Lets not go into the matter of driving at night, you
can imagine the dream come true THAT is.

It took me over an hour to get home today. It should have taken me ten
minutes, fifteen tops. But it's impossible unless you've memorized these
stupid streets. I might as well be navigating by the trees, everywhere I
go it looks like I'm driving through the forrest. Can't go by the stars,
it's always overcast and a'drizzle. In Utah I had the mountains to give
me a sense of direction. Here I am constantly disoriented. I'm as
disoriented on the roads as I am in my office. The office with no
windows, and no input from the outside world except through a computer

I have to stop blogging when I get home from frustrating commutes.
You'll think I don't like it here, and that's not true. I just HATE
driving around here.

I moved into the one place I've talked about. Looks like it'll be good.
I can take the bus. I'll have a nice roommate. The complex is clean,
gated, relatively new, has a pool and a gym. I'll have my own room, my
own bathroom, a washer and dryer, a good size kitchen and living room.
And I promise, once I don't have to drive to and from work, my posts
will become much more optimistic.

Until then, at least I get to listen to a lot of good radio. Thank
heavens for NPR.

-Sent from Austin's phone.


Optimistic. said...

Take the bus. Seattle has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. We took the bus when we were there on our honeymoon, and it was so much better than anything else.

D Smith said...

Never drive in the mess that is the DC area, there's no orientation whatsoever. I don't know how people who didn't grown up here make it, I have trouble myself. However with the aid Google maps on the phone I survive.

Anonymous said...

I would rather drive anywhere else in the world than in Seattle. You're not imagining it, it's very bad and makes SLC-Provo on I-15 look like nothing. Sorry dude. Take the bus and read a book on the way.