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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Company Store

I'm upgrading to Vista.

That Microsoft employee store has some good deals, but don't try to walk
in without that ID badge, or they'll git'cha, like they got me. Good
thing I'm an actual employee, and had the ID in my pocket. That got me

However, to get out, you have to have your employee #. Didn't even know
I had a number. They looked it up, and I don't think there are too many
Austin Craigs interning at MSNBC.com, but they were still a bit

Anyway, long story short, I'm upgrading to Vista. A real blog post when
its up and running.

-Sent from Austin's phone.


Optimistic. said...

It's not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be. We got it with our new computer, and after a bit of adjustment, it's been just fine. No complaints at all from this casual user.

pam said...

Sometime, tell us all about it, you know for those of us who are electronically challenged.

D Smith said...

Upgrading? I actually know nothing about vista or it's shortcomings, that was just the obvious joke to be made right there.

word verification word today: WOLEX

Angela said...

just in case you didn't know about this:
http://www.worldsciencefestival.comDude, get your geek on.
Also, if you can find a clip of it, Brian Greene was on the Colbert Report. Pretty funny.

pam said...

Your most recent blog won't let me read what you posted. Is is because it is on somebody elses blog? You will have to tell the rest of us what you posted on that blog.