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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Househunting: Day 1

Today went well. I woke up early. I'm staying with my friend Justin
Morin's family. Perry Morin made waffles, Darla Morin had made homemade
jam. It was delicious, they are amazing hosts. I see where Justin gets
it from.

Angela met up with a coworker who happened to be in town, and headed out
on the same flight. And I went to church.

I left with plenty of time to get there early, and would have, if the
directions weren't wrong. I'm not sure what happened, user error
probably. But I did have the right address, so I eventually found it (30
minutes late).

Church was good. An old friend of mine, AJ, is in the ward. We served in
the same mission and then were in the same ward post-mission. He
introduced me to some people. I met one guy who said he was looking for
a roommate in Redmond.

There was a potluck after church. I don't do so well with potucks. It's
like dinning roulette. I won't play that game. I'm not starving, I don't
need to eat just to supply calories. If it doesn't look great, I
probably won't put it in my mouth. I wasn't hungry anyway. I just talked
with people. There are a lot of people here for the summer, and a lot of
them from BYU. Glad to see I wasn't the only one.

I went and looked at the apartment previously mentioned. The guy who was
there seems like he'd be a great roommate, but it isn't too close to
work, and it's a bit pricey. I suppose that's just what things cost
here. The apartment was more than adequate, though, really nice place.
If I don't find anything else soon, I'll give him a call.

Brother Morin made steak, potatoes, and sweet corn for dinner. The steak
was thick and rare, the potatoes were rubbed in bacon grease and salted,
and the sweet corn was swimming in butter. So good. I'm not doing great
with my resolution to get in shape while I'm here, but I'm not
complaining either.

More to come. Tomorrow is my first day at work. Wish me luck.

-Sent from Austin's phone.


Nancy said...

sounds like it's going good Aus, I've been thinking about you, hope you find a place!

Angela said...

I'm alive! Glad things are going well. Keep us posted so we can all live vicariously through you.

pam said...

Sounds like you are being well taken care of. The food sounds good. Thank the Morins for us for taking such good care of you. Keep us posted. We hope all goes well with your first day.

D. Manning said...

don't room with that guy. he'll make your life a living...