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Saturday, February 02, 2008

'Sweding' Eats Itself

I've already talked a bit about Be Kind Rewind, and I talked about how brilliant Michel Gondry is, so maybe this is retreading old territory. But I think I have reason to reiterate. Watch the original trailer, then watch this...ahem...remake.

In case you weren't sure, that is the film's director, Michel Gondry. The Genius.

Here are a couple videos I should have included the first go around.
The White Stripes again.

A a little fun with a piano, paint, and Björk.

Björk is a bit of a loon, but the video is very enjoyable. It's a clip from The Work of Directory Michel Gondry, a DVD with many of his short films and music videos. If you have something like Netflicks or happen to see it at Blockbuster, I would highly recommend checking this one out.

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