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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Strange Feeling

I'm sitting here blogging on my fancy phone while a man twice my age is
manually washing my relatively nice car that my dad paid for. In any
previous age this would probably indicate I was some kind of royalty or
nobility. Its a strange arrangement, the whole thing, and I feel odd
about it. What has brought him to his position and me to mine?
Its some deal at Jiffy Lube. I got an oil change, and they said this
guy would wash my car. Okay.
As I pulled away, he said, "Tell your friends." I'm not sure exactly
what I should tell them.
-Sent from Austin's phone.


Abby said...

That made me feel kind of sad.

Jasie said...

That made me kind of laugh...

Angela said...

I do need to get my oil changed...but now that you've blogged about the guy, and I don't have the fancy phone, but I do have a gifted car from Dad, I might feel a little weird...I usually go to Firestone anyway, because they'll rotate my tires too.

Rob said...

this is the best blog post that i have read in a while. thanks.

Austin said...

Thanks, Rob. Sincerely, that is a high compliment.

stephen said...

I really enjoy your blog, but this is one of my favorite posts.