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Thursday, February 07, 2008


Redbox has turned out to be a great venture, despite my initial
pessimism. It's convenient, cheap for the customer, and certainly
profitable for the businessmen behind it. You can even use it for free,
if you look up the free rental codes online before you go. So go.

However, upon my most recent visit, they appeared to be undergoing
maintanance. There were windows open, just as you would see on your own
computer if a technician were fixing it. They were obviously flying
through, remotely taking care of some problem. And the touchscreen
controls were still active.

How could I resist?

We stood there for a minute or two, confounding their efforts. Every
time they would try to click on something, we would touch and pull the
curser to the side. Every time they opened a window, we'd close it. It
was fun. Stupid, juvenile fun.

I won't do it again. I won't have occasion to do it again. But it was
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