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Thursday, February 14, 2008


I always love to hear an objective opinion of myself. That means, in
concrete terms, gossip about ME. So I couldn't help but laugh the other
day when I heard something a friend had said in my absense.

Like most people, I spend my time between a few different social
circles. One group is a bit more free spirited than the others. One of
them noticed on my facebook profile that I'm listed as "Very

"Wait, this says Austin is really conservative. Is...is that a joke? Is
he being sarcastic?"

I guess a debate ensued as to my political orientation, with no clear
answer until my input was sought.

Now I won't go into the accuracy of that label, "Very Conservative". I
put that on my facebook profile over three years ago, right after I got
home from my mission, and haven't thought about it since. Probably in
the world at large, I am very conservative. But at BYU, well, that's a
whole different world really.

What was so funny was that my political affiliation was a point of any
interest. That means it

A) Wasn't clear
B) Mattered to some degree
And, because they thought it might be sarcastic
C) it was assumed that I was something else, i.e. Liberal

Just something to think about. We all make assumptions about people,
sometimes without even realizing it. I certainly do, so you'll have to
remind me next time I do that.

I don't even consider myself party affiliated at heart. If my views
happen to coincide more with one group than another, so be it, their
gain. I'll stand my ground regardless of who claims that territory.

Thanks can be given to D. Smith for this line of thought, but I feel I
am not so much Republican or Democrat as somebody looking for long term,
feasable answers for the Big Problems. That means managing the here and
now without necessarily taking the quickest, easiest, or most popular
answer. But who ever said the popular answer was the right one?

Listen. I'm talking on and pretentiously on like any of this has any
true depth or meaning. Really, I'm bored bowling by myself at the alley
and wanted something to do between frames. Next time I'm alone at the
alley, I should give you a call.
-Sent from Austin's phone.


Asmond said...

You should have given me a call. There was a wicked party going on.

Jasie said...

hmmm... Mylee and I had a very interesting conversation about you last night. Maybe I can tell you the kind of objective opinions we have about you some day.

robert navarrete said...

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