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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Great Ending

Remember the ending to The Incredibles? How they took out that awesome giant robot with it's own rocket hand?

I just discovered something.

It's a straight ripoff from this sad movie. How do I know that? Robot Jox just showed up at my house from Netflix, both spelled with a stylish "x". I really, really have to stop watching movies that I just know are going to be crappy. But apparently I'm not the only one watching...I'm looking at you Brad Bird. He must have a thing for giant robots. Can't say that I blame him.

If you're interested to see for yourself, jump past the remarkably phalic chainsaw (2:25) to the part where our protagonist pulls the robot rocket hand stunt (3:55). Exact same ending.

I'm realizing more and more as I watch more and more movies, read more and more books, and take more and more classes, that real originality is:

A) Very rare
B) Almost impossible
C) Probably over-rated
D) Simply synthesis
E) All of the above


Richard said...

Austin -- How in the world did that Robot Jox movie ever get made? It is horrible!

Austin said...

Horrible movies still make money. See previous post here.