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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Little Brother

Dreamt last night that my mother, somehow, miraculously had another set of twins, like my sister and me. They were a boy and a girl. Angela and I were playing with them, me with the baby boy and Angela with the girl, as though with our younger selves. When I woke, it was the first time I ever remember really wishing I had a little brother.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes dreams are answers to questions you don't yet know how to ask.

Perhaps you dreamed of having a little brother because of the pervasive desire to mold someone or something. Guiding a person with less life experience facilitates that yearning.

As much as you post entries about dreams, it appears that you believe they are more didactic or reflective of your life experience than anarchic.

Some people can't stand to be alone with their own thoughts so they rely on consuming themselves with the thoughts of others. You can't do that as even in your sleep your neurons are firing introspection.

I'm sorry, Austin, you can't join the circus: you're not a very good escape artist.

pam said...

What a darling picture. It seems like only yesterday.

anna. said...

i wish i had a twin. but i already have a little brother. he is totally awesome.