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Friday, February 13, 2009


I really enjoyed this talk. I've experienced pretty much every part of what she talks about. It's why I feel compelled to always have a writing instrument with me, I have to catch the ideas before they get away. Maybe I'm worrying too much about it.


Richard said...

I have been devouring TED over the past 2 weeks...

Angela said...

Enjoyed that. Thanks-

R said...

The portion of the video when she talks about Tom Waits receiving song ideas whilst driving reminds me of this radio interview with Chris Cornell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1KHUmiK53wQ.

Notable lines:

Announcer: "Do you ever scribble song ideas on napkins ?"

Cornell: "This is a bad thing to admit, but I use my blackberry now. Right now it has today's stock quotes on it."

Announcer: "That's not the Chris Cornell I want to imagine. How are your stocks doing by the way ?"

Cornell: "I don't know, I just look at the overall picture like oil's down three percent, which is good, that's a good thing."

Radio Announcer: "I love that we're getting our financial headlines from Chris Cornell."

Cornell: "I go to Blackberry because it has the little memo section[...]it comes in really handy if you're on an airplane or something. [...] I wrote the song 'Black Hole Sun' [...] while driving in the middle of the night and I kind of had to race home and sort of teach it to myself on guitar so I wouldn't forget it. So, this stupid Blackberry thing comes in handy because if I get an idea in the car first I pull over...

Announcer: "It's illegal to write lyrics now while driving."

Cornell: "That guy's writing a song !"