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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

This Just In...

Newscasters getting laid off across the nation makes a bit nervous for myself and the other students in my major. I ran into my friend Chance over the weekend. He is a reporter in St. George. He said half their newsroom got laid off last week, out of the clear blue sky. Anybody without a college degree, gone.

That part makes me especially upset, because it's not like the people who don't have a degree are readily replaceable. They have very valuable skills. A good videographer is hard to come by. A good audio/visual technicial is a precious thing. And the people who are keep their jobs will end up doing several jobs all at once, and not one of them as well as they would were they afforded the chance to focus.

And people go to big companies for "security"? I don't buy it at all. I'll work for myself, thanks.


ben richardson said...

I agree Austin. I think you have do be self sufficient. Kevin Sites in not my favorite reporter, but I like how he has developed a brand for himself while he was working on assignment, etc.

Emily said...

My dad got laid off this week from his lifelong print journalism career, so I agree that nothing is guaranteed. However, working for the man has been good to us thus far; we won't think less of your career path if you don't think less of ours.

Kellie said...

TELL me about it. I'm graduating in less than a week and I still don't have a job.

Hooray for the economy. Hooray for news stations.