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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Professional" Spokesperson

Are you ready for a good laugh? Really? Okay, okay, but you have to give me some feedback after you click here and scroll down to "Austin".

Found this thing on craigslist, saying they were looking for people with experience in front of a camera. I figured it couldn't hurt. Comparatively, I don't think I did too bad.

18 Dec 2008 UPDATE: They called me today with a gig. I couldn't make it, the shoot would be tomorrow, and I still have a lot to finish for finals. But it's good to know somebody watched it and thought I was good.


Jourdan said...

Ahaha! So great! You're totally working it, Austin. That broadcast journalism thing is really paying off.:)

Steve said...

I always thought that professional spokesperson -- like the verison wireless guys or the geiko guys -- would be such a great gig. Regular work that's not normal.

pam said...

Too bad you were too busy. But glad they liked you. Hope they call again when finals are over. Let us know.

Nancy said...

That is pretty cool, you are way, way better than Tiffany.