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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Post Finals

The day after finals were over, I had a dream that I remembered. Been a while since I remembered a dream, I think because I have been waking up to an awful alarm every morning for the past couple months. It was the first time in a long time that I just woke up.

20 Dec 2008
Dreamt about:
•a pretty girl who I thought wouldn't be in to me because of how rich a family she came from, and there are no guarantees I'd be able to provide the luxury she was accustomed to.
•catching little crabs in a creek bed off the side of the road
•skateboarding to the grocery store
•seeing my friends Rob Brill and Christian Axelguard there (Christian worked there)
•losing my skateboard at the grocery store
•searching all over the old building for my skateboard
•finding a closet that had windows and no real floor, just cushions that were layered down for as far down as I carred to look.
•a "bullet" in the closet that must have been @ least 2 feet long, with hard plastic fins on the back for stabilization. More like an arrow or small missile that would be fired out of a gun.
•and yes, kids, we've reached the fateful day when steampunk has made it's way into my subconscious. Outside the window on this closet was a roof, on the roof was a pedal powered steampunk style generator, with brass or copper pipes and lots of moving parts, not unlike what dock brown built in back to the future 3. There was a guy peddling on it, the builder I assumed. He had long hair and looked a bit unkempt. I opened the window and asked him about the machine, and then i woke up.


Angela said...

I love not waking up to an alarm. It's one of my most favorite things.

Nancy said...

is this pretty girl a real girl, or made up in the dream?

anna. said...

do you skateboard?

Austin said...

Pretty girl = fiction

Anna, I did when I was a kid. Haven't for years.