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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Find of the Day

Remember the note I found on campus? It's the FOUND magazine find of the day. Dope.

Hey Austin,

Let me be the first to congratulate you for passing along the finest
of the finds... we've just finished posting your submission as our
Find of the Day. Head on over to www.foundmagazine.com and take a look.

Thank you SO MUCH for passing your find along. Each year we get around
three million visitors to the site to check on these finds-- you can be
sure tons of people will appreciate the effort you took to scoop up the

Take a look at the text and double check that everything looks good to
you-- if you'd like something to be changed, let us know and we'll gladly
take care of it...

So thanks again and as always... SEND US YOUR FINDS!!

All the best,
Jason and Davy and all your friends here at FOUND

FOUND Magazine | www.foundmagazine.com


Jasie said...


abby said...

cool, austin! i love that site.

anna. said...

i love found! cool!!

DKS said...

I remember that note. nice job.

Jenna said...