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Sunday, September 20, 2009

iGo Web Ad

This is the ad that a family friend had me come shoot about a month ago in Tempe, AZ.

It's a flash video without any embedding options, so go on over to the iGo.com website to check it out. I'm on the third line, the "Laptop Charger" spots.

There wasn't a lot of wiggle room on the script. When I wanted to get creative with it, the director reigned me back in. Hope you like it.


Steve said...

Pretty cool.

Are you supposed to look like Edward Cullin? The hair kind of gets you there. I thought maybe it was a play on the vampire thing.

pam said...

Too bad they thought they ought to rein you in. It probably would have been better if they had given you more leave to do it like you wanted.

DKS said...

Finally was able to watch it! Another great performance!