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Saturday, April 04, 2009

Black Balloon

I bought a balloon yesterday. A black, star shaped balloon. I was waiting for dP while he was sending a package, and I walked next door to the dollar store. It was the only black balloon, and had nothing written on it. Nobody else was going to buy that balloon. What occasion calls for a black star balloon?

The man in front of me at the register was buying candy bars.

"Birthday, huh?"
Not sure what a black balloon would say to or about any girlfriend.
"Nope. I just wanted a balloon."
He didn't ask any more questions.

There was one unforeseen side effect. We went to Costco. The balloon string was wrapped around my wrist, and floated lazily along as we walked.

Most people casually noticed, and thought it weird at best, but all the little kids in Costco, they did more than notice. They ogled. They wanted that balloon. Most of them were pre-vocal, but their outreached hands were a clear giveaway. I saw several moms trying to get their toddler to stop looking, to stop reaching.

I say reach away, kids. Reach away.


Jasie said...

wow. that's kind of adorable in a neil gaiman sort of way.

Jenna said...

I like that black balloon.


Anonymous said...
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robinly said...

Baby's black balloon makes her fly...

Thought it when I first saw it, thought it when I read about it, just decided to share it. Hopefully you know the song this comes from. I feel confident you do.

Austin said...

I know the song, but was reminded of another song first. Arc of Time by Bright Eyes. A good one, you should check it out.

Josh said...

That's rad, man.

robinly said...

Checked out the Bright Eyes song...nice. I dig it.

Austin said...

I was LISTENING TO IT at the EXACT time you commented. Just so you know.

robinly said...

HA! That is amazing. And I hear your voice as I read that.