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Thursday, July 12, 2007

With nothing consistent through them all.

I hate that this happened in America, though I don't know where else it could have happened.

This is funny, if you, like me, are a nerd.

What went wrong with the 70's?
Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Though I'm sure with the right examples, the same thing could be said of every decade since the inception of mass media.

And my suspicions about Michael Bay were confirmed today, when somebody I work with said that the guy is a constant joke in the film biz. All he cares about in his movies are the cars, the explosions, and the women. He's even been accused of murder, in that he demanded a stunt in a commercial he directed that the stunt coordinator initially refused, then caved. He was told that the stunt was too dangerous, he did it anyway, a chopper went down and killed the copilot.
I don't want to be that guy, even if I get all the money in Hollywood.

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Emily said...

I love Exhibit A. Rock on.