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Sunday, July 01, 2007


Long story short, I took Meredith's advice and decided to join the blogging ranks, and wrote an epic, heavily linked, well thought out blog entry. It took me several hours. But at some point during this, a roommate of mine used my computer to sign into his gmail, thusly signing me out of mine. He did this with my stupid permission. So, oblivious to the course of action that I'd set into play, I continued to blog on a window that was still open but not logged in. And after the hours were through, and I hit the "publish button, it disappeared forever.
How did I feel?
A lot, lot angrier than I have been in a long time.


Meredith said...

I feel totally responsible for making you so angry. I am so sorry. So so sorry.

Nancy said...

I'm sure it's recorded in Heaven somewhere, you should rewrite it for the rest of us though, I was wondering if you wanted to do a guest blog on my blog, are you interested?

D Smith said...

I saw the fury that was unleashed by the pitfalls of internet... it was terrific because Austin was soo mad at something he loves soo much...internet. I was afraid something was going to break at Austin's hand a computer, someones face ya know. Probably because he's sooo racist.

Emily said...

Surely it must still be somewhere on your computer.

Austin said...

For those of you wondering, that "racist" remark by d smith is from one of his blog entries.