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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Tribute

This must be something that is becoming more common. I'm seeing more and more bands that pay tribute to, not other, older bands, but other pop-culture references. Example.

Pam Pong: Compliments of Rogeber
This post was originally just a link to Rogeber's post, till I decided this was not an isolated incident, and that the matter deserved further investigation.

Cho Chang, What Have I Done
: Compliments of Emily
Emily is the one who originally got me into blogging, and now look where I am. Writing on four blogs, that's where. I think we all owe her big time for that.

Return of the Jedi Braid: Compliments of Mere
Mere, are you a part of this emerging force of Tribute (not to a band) bands? You know you're on the cusp, right, the bleeding edge of the new thing?


Meredith said...

I've made it to the cusp? Wow. That would mos. def. be a first.

Abby said...

I like your blog. I am tipping my hat to Emily this. very. second.