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Friday, May 18, 2007

among other things

So I haven't blogged on here in a bit. A few updates are in order.
I got a new job. A friend of mine set me up with a company called Independent Student Media. I can't post links when I blog from my phone, so just google it. We have a film-making curriculum we offer to high schools and middle schools across the country. It's all web based, with screenwriting software, storyboarder, tutorials, interviews with industry professionals, message board, screening room, scheduler, and gradebook for the teachers. It's really really cool, everything you need to organize a movie, besides editing software and camera.
They gave me an office. I don't rightly know what possesed them to do that. I'm going to primarily be compiling information for them and conducting website walkthroughs of our site. I'll be at my computer, and superintendent, schoolboard members, and/or teachers at theirs, wherever they are in the country, and I'll have control over what's on their screen. We'll be on conference call, so they can just ask questions, and I'll tailor the tour for their needs. Neat, huh?
It's a small company. They've been developing the curriculum and software for seven years, but just recently got real investors. So these guys are expecting me to stick around for a while, because as the company grows, I'll remain near the top of the heirarchy.
We also make movies. This summer we're shooting a flick with John Heder, and possibly Bruce Willis or Christopher Walken. Believe it. It's an action comedy.
It pays well, my new job. And I think I can expect rapid promotions. I'm gonns' be a rich movie maker in just a few years, you wait and see.

Item 2: If I haven't mentioned it yet, I've moved. I have a big personal room, small walk in closet, and a huge backyard. It's a house my room-mate Dave Peterson's parents bought, and we're pretty well at liberty to make any home improvements we'd like. It's nice. We'll see about the ward.

Update 3: I'm anchoring the Friday edition of the BYU Daily News. I've done it twice now, and I like it. I got the spot when one day I walked into the Newsroom to do my reporting, and they were auditioning for anchors. Everybody was pacing around, rehersing their lines, and one of the girls in there asked if I was going to try out. "I wasn't planning on it."
"But you'll be here over spring and summer?"
"Then you should try out." So I did.
I wasn't wearing a tie, had my spiderman shirt and Buddy Holly glasses on, but they said, ok, go sit down and line up with the camera, and read your lines. I didn't have any time to read over the script, so I just went into it cold. And did great. Man I'm good.

Item 4: I'm on my way to a concert in SLC. The Hot Hot Heat is playing, and they're lots'o'fun. Those guys know how to rock.

There is probably more to tell, always is. But I'll post that next time, maybe when I get around to fixing my computer. I've been too busy lately fixing Dad's. I installed more RAM from my old laptop, streamlined windows, and did a whole bunch of tweaks to make it run lightning fast. What was before an unusable computer is now a portable speed demon. Also, I set up Dad's cellphone as a modem for him to access the internet from anywhere he has cellphone service. Now I need to build a desktop for Mom. And fix Mine. They've unofficially put me as the last defense at work before they call the actual tech suport guys.
Anyway, I'm rambling, and we're at the Venue for the concert, so I'll talk to you later.
Best regards,


Emily said...

Wow, Austin, good for you, on all of it.

Nancy said...

Aus, that all sounds awesome. I want to see you in action! Can you post a link to see you? Trav just got his own office too, very exciting stuff. Can I meet John Heder? Have you seen his last movie? Pretty funny. Glad to hear you're doing well.

Angela said...

oh, austin, you and your "rock music".

L'Afro said...

I'm telling you, it was the Buddy Holly glasses that landed you that audition. Mark my words.