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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some items that live up to this blog's subtitle.

In no particular order:

I like LCD Soundsystem. P.S. The destination at the end of that link, that is what Myspace should have been.

listening to the radio the other day, I realized that, given the option, I think I would listen to Cindy Lauper over Metallica a thousand to one.

I stumbled on the set of an Indie movie the other day. It was really cool, I walked into Pier 49 Pizza to get some lunch, and there were a bunch of people shooting a movie. They stopped and let me order a pizza. It is a comedy about a washed up rock band that decide to drive to the middle of the desert and sell their souls to the devil so they can become the greatest band ever.
It's called Route 61.

I am going to make movies some day. Actually, I'll be helping on the set of our ISM feature this summer, the first two weeks in August. But beside that, I have a thousand ideas for stories that I want to write, it's just a matter of making the time. I keep them all in a red binder at home, along with almost any idea or thought I think is too valuable to let dissipate into the ether.

I did something the other morning that I haven't done in years. I fell out of bed. That becomes a little something more to think about when you find out my bed is 5 feet off the ground on cinder blocks.

They asked me to sub in today as the Daily News anchor. I normally do Fridays, and have been for a few weeks now, but yesterday they called and asked if I could come in and cover for somebody, so I did, and they asked me to come in again today. I wish I could have, I really like anchoring, but I felt bad leaving work early again. So I told them I wouldn't be able to make it. But man, they love me there.

Yawns, as I'm sure you already know, are contagious. I caught a yawn the other day from a duck. I swear.

Whenever I am caught listening to somebody drone on about something that doesn't interest me in the least, but they just keep talking and talking and talking, I get a physical sensation at the back of my head. It's a tingling feeling, as real as if I had stubbed a toe or put my hand in ice water. A tingling around the crown of my head that persists till I escape the mindless monologue.

I decided today that I am going to have to be independently wealthy if I am going to accomplish half the things I want to in life. I have expensive goals.

More random thoughts to come. Stay tuned.


Angela said...

i liked the washed-up-rocker's skeleton pants. and i laughed out loud when i read that you fell out of bed.

Meredith said...

cyndi lauper WAY better than metallica. Good call.
Also, I have expensive goals too. I am working on million dollar ideas. My goals are not as productive as yours I am sure. Mine include getting enough money so my friends and family and I can all live on the same street and we can raise our children to play music and start their own bands.
I am impressed with all that you are doing.

ber said...

that is the outfit i dream about for my engagement photos. would matchy be too much?

Nancy said...

Hopefully you find a girl that gives you tinglings in other areas beside the back of your head, good that you have that radar though. Kind of funny you fell out of bed, what were you dreaming about? Dallas did that the other night too, I usually put pillows on either side of him to keep him from falling, mabye you should try it, he he.

vantastic said...

you too huh?? Hi Austin? I found you. I think I like reading your blogs, so far so good. Ok would you rather listen to The Cure or Rob Zombie? Be the worlds greatest scientist or have mad cow? :) maybe these are rhetorical. miss you neighbor!!

Steve said...

I think you better have yourself checked for bird flu.

Austin said...

Angela, glad my pain is funny.
Meredith, I'm going to add the perfect friendly street to my list of goals, and save the money to make it happen.
ber, you'll have to find a very special man for the wedding. In fact, I may know just the guy, met him recently at a pizza parlor.
Nancy, don't worry about the girl department. I'm not. And I'll give that pillow thing a try.
vantastic, so glad you found this so we can stay in touch. How is life in the home state?
Steve, is the yawning a method of transmission, or a side effect after? I need to come down and see you some time this summer.