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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Same Song

An Observation:

I know its old news, but I heard a report that the Red Hot Chili Peppers' newest single,"Danny California", is actually plagiarism (or what Francois Truffaut would call "homage").

Also, every Nickelback song is the same song.

It was pointed out to me today by my roommate Dave Smith that two songs that I like very much are actually the same song. I checked. He was right.

Download the file after you click on the link. Its a recording of me giving an intro to a CSS/Spoon Mashup. You will hear how EXACTLY the same they are. I had to speed up the Spoon song some, but still. The bass line, man, the bass line is the same same same thing in both.


Meredith said...

Jessica Simpson stole Jonh Cougar Mellencamp's intro. Or the people that write her music stole it.

d smith said...

Jessica Simpson just flat out stole that or as Truffant would say, it was homage

Austin said...

I believe the term is "sampled" when it is used with permission.

metamorphose said...

The CSS/Spoon mashup is quite interesting.