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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Commencement Part II

Well, whoever wrote Dick Cheney's speech deserves their pay. He did an excelent job. My roommate's dad pointed out that he hit all the right points for the audience. He mentioned specific places on campus, by their nickname. He talked about his wife's Mormon Pioneer heritage. He praised the University for their sports triumphs, the "stone cold sober" status, and called BYU one of the best universities in the country.
Not a speck of controvery to speak of. Good.
Now on to part deux, the BYU Alternative Commencement, featuring Ralph Nader.
There certainly aren't as many people here as there were at the Official commencement. As it stands right now, there are hundreds of people here in the McKay Events Center at UVSC, as opposed to the probably 10,000 people at the Marriott Center earlier today. The dress is not as formal, the hair is generally longer, and there appear to be more glasses in the audience.
I'm biding my time till the event starts. From what I was told, it should have started 15 minutes ago. But it looks like it will begin soon. More later.

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