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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I was cheated

I feel I was robbed in my public education experience. They taught me about math. They never taught me about credit cards. They taught me about government. They never taught me how to pay taxes. They taught me about probability. They never taught me about handling insurance. I don't think these subjects were even available at my school. They should have been mandatory.

Am I just supposed to magically know these things now that I am an "adult"? Does one learn this through osmosis? I was robbed, and I hold THE MAN responsible.


Angela said...

hey, you made a post! way to go big guy! by the by...did you learn how to blog through osmosis? or did the man teach you? just a though...thanks for letting me crash your party last night. brian keeps apologizing profusely. i think if we put up enough of a stink, we could get taken out to dinner or something. pass the word on to lara to stink it up!

Emily said...

Austin, I'm good at that stuff. Ask me anything.

happiness is Leah-shaped said...

AUSTIN!! Post more. I love this blog. Mine's too boring, but hey I try.
P.S. Hope your thanksgiving was awesome!