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Sunday, January 29, 2006


Sometimes we pretend not to know people.
And by "we" I mean I, and by " sometimes" I mean all the time.
The other day I saw three girls that I know, or rather have known, that I pretended not to know. There are two reasons for this. I don't think they would remember me, and theres really nothing to say. Examples (all from Wednesday)...
1. Saw the former Sister Miller at the DMV when I updated my registration. She was a missionary in the Spokane Mission at the same time as I was. She was one of the first people to greet and welcome me on my first day in the mission. She welcomed us with truly comical enthusiasm. "I JUST LOVE IT WHEN THE NEW MISSIONARIES COME!!!" I found out later that she had only been out six weeks at that point and we were the first group of new missionaries that she had encountered. She is now married and I've seen her there before at the DMV when I registered the car the first time. She was the teller that helped me when I was there last week. Both of the above cited reasons applied.
2. There was another girl there who I recognized from my freshman year. Random event it was, she needed somebody to do some illustrations when I was living in DT first term here, and somebody told her that they had a friend (me) that liked to draw. So this random girl payed me to draw some pictures. It took longer that I thought and it really wasn't worth it, but she was desperate to get help on her project. I don't remember her name other than it was unusual. I think she might have recognized me actually, despite having only really talked once four and one half years ago. But there was nothing to say to her, so I didn't.
3. Also freshman year, first term, I went to Teriaki Stix in the WILK every day for lunch. I may have already talked about this. Anyway, long story short the girl who worked there gave me her number and I never called her. Now she sits behind me in my Pop Culture class. Best to feign ignorance there I think.

Am I a bad person for this? I think I might be.


Asmond said...

Nah, not evil, just guilty. At least that's usually why I don't talk to people I know. Either that or I'm not sure where I know them from. So except for number three...(when did you live in DT?)

We need to do something again.

Natter said...

Do you pretend not to know me when you see me on campus? That would explain the reason why I haven't seen you in forever. Jerk. But don't worry, I totally play the "I don't know you" game all the time. There's this guy I went to EFY with back in 2000 and I was pretty much in love with him but never talked to him after EFY. Then he ends up at BYU, in Liberty Square and I used to run into him at least once a week in the complex and then he'd end up being near us at the football games, at a movie, at a restaurant. And everytime I saw him, we'd make eye contact, and I pretended not to know him. I'm a jerk too.

Emily said...

You and Teriyaki Stix. Fate. Don't fight it.