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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

the thing is gone from me...

I had a dream last night, and I would like to tell you all about it, but the thing is gone from me. I remember remembering it. I remember being rather surprised how well I could remember it. And there was a username and password of somebeody else in the dream, and I could remember that. But somewhere between waking and sleep, the things began to slip away. I thought, "I'll go tell the guys about my dream. I'll tell them about how...well...I don't remember that part anymore. But I'll tell them about this part where...oh...I don't remember that anymore either." At this point I realized that it was all dissolving from memory, and that if I was going to recall any of it in a conscious hour, that I would have to make a conscious effort. I still remembered the username and password, I could tell them about that. It was...AH CRAP! I don't remember that either. It was..."cravat"? something "cravat"? and I think there was an "s-s-s" in there somehere. But thats it. Thats all I think I remember, I'm not even sure it is accurate. A little upsetting.

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the evil twin said...

that happens to me all the time! you know what else happens to me in my sleep? i have night mares that some bad-guy-boogie-man is coming into the room, and then i start hyperventilating in my sleep and brian has to wake me up. creepy huh.
so (in a totally related story) the other night brian was up til like four in the morning because he's an insomniac lately, and i was already in bed when he came up. so he walked in and i screamed the shrill scream of a banshee. can you really blame me? my nightmare's come to life! of course i'm going to scream. of course, i don't remember doing that, i just remember brian waking me up and being like, it's me, it's okay, and i was thinking, why'd you wake me up, leave me alone, i'm trying to sleep here!
yeah, i do some pretty crazy stuff in my sleep.