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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My rommate Ben suggested thatI write a standup comedy bit using all the stories that I tell. Most of them are about my family and my mission. Somehow, though, comedy about ones family reminds me of Ray Romano. We could call my comedy "Everybody Forgets About Austin". It would be hysterical, but nobody would remember.


Emily Kate said...

Oh Austin, you are a kick in the pants. I'm sure I would get a hearty laugh out of your comedy show. I totally loved your Finding Faith in Christ DVD jokes last year.

shibbster said...

ha ha ha ha!!

austin who?

Emily said...

If you're referring to the no-photo-of-Austin-on-the-mission-home-wall-o-photos incident, we all agree it was because you have never sent your parents any pictures! Plus you don't have a wedding photo. Other than that, I would LOVE to hear some of your comedic stories. What you may not know is that the other members of the family get together and say, "I think Austin thinks that everyone forgets about him."

Do share.