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Friday, January 08, 2010

End of the Digital Detox

I'm done with my Web 2.0 Fast, Digital Detox, or as Angela called it, my facebook diet.

I'll post a reflection on how the digital detox went, but right now, CES is going on.

And I want one of these.


Emily said...

Shoot, I didn't even miss you. How long have you been gone? (I haven't been feeling the Facebook for the last little while myself.)

mdiller said...

I dont know if they have any connection, but there is a group at BYU that makes or is making one of them. They attach a camera to it and aim for targets or something.

Austin said...

Unrelated. I talked to that group when I was working at BYUB.

Austin said...

Just a reminder to all commenters, don't post anything I wouldn't want my saintly mother or small children to read/see. Both visit this blog regularly.

Austin said...

NOTE: The "my" in my previous comment refers to my mother, not small children.