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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gothic High Tech

He cusses a couple times, about half-way through. I'm really sorry, but I felt like the content was too good to ignore.

I can all but promise that most of you will find this talk by Bruce Sterling long, confusing, boring nonsense. But it made good sense to me. Enough that I'd like to share it.

I first became aware of Bruce Sterling about ten years ago when I read a story of his in a collection of The Year's Best Science Fiction Short Stories. I bought it at D.I. for $2.00. It was a fantastic purchase.

In this talk, he touches on some points that I've personally noticed and thought about, such as the increasing anachronism of our society, our turning to cheerleaders instead of leaders, and transition to nowhere.

I hope that as I build a life beyond that of a college student, I can buck those trends.

A real accomplishment of this talk is this: he may have convinced me to de-clutter my life and living space. I've known in my head for years that I need to do this, but I didn't feel it, didn't understand it. I think I understand it better now.

Special Note to Katie and/or Ben if you happen to read this: I hope you'll find the last half of this interesting. He talks about a lifestyle of which I think you both are shining models .

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