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Friday, June 12, 2009

Stop. Motion. Stop. Motion.

It's the simple stuff that always gets me.

Stop motion has had a Web golden age over the last couple years. I've wanted to try, but it's just so time consuming.

Here are a couple that I rather like.

This one uses the ubiquitous post-it. Simple idea. Very effective.

If you like the tune, it's by Röyksopp, a Norwegian duo. It's called "Eple". Listen to the whole song below.

Eple (Original Edit) - Röyksopp

Nokia successfully coordinated a truly viral campaign, not an easy task, I can tell you from experience. As with the earlier video, there is a chiptune playing in the background. I think the makers understand their audience for this all too well.

If you like this, it's worth checking out the making of video on the campaign's site.

It's the simple stuff that always gets me. I think I may take the time to actually make one of these some day soon. I'll keep you posted.


SamYam said...

I love Röyksopp.

Jenna said...

That was fun.

Steve said...

There's one that pops up after the first one, called "Her Morning Elegance" that I really like.

robinly said...

Neat! I like it.