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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Morning Market Call

Mentioned I got a(nother) job. In addition to BYU Weekly.

A couple guys from the Graduate Finance Association in the Marriott School walked into the Brimhall yesterday. They met with one of the professors and asked for some help with a project they were starting. They want to do a daily morning webcast about finance and the markets. They know finance. They don't know webcasting.

So they were directed to me.

I'll be setting up, filming, directing, editing, and posting a short finance newscast every weekday morning starting Monday.

It should be interesting. They've given me free reign on what I want to do technically and creatively. These guys just want to practice talking finance in plain terms. They've hired me to make them look good.

They say they're going for the "RocketBoom" model several times, though I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.

If you have any suggestions, let me know. I've been brainstorming how to bootstrap this to make it look great, so we can apply for real funding.

Wish me luck.


SamYam said...

This is brilliant! I can use these podcasts for my high school finance class. Think of that Austin! You're a teacher too.

pam said...

Whatever you do, just make the markets go up, please! Also this ounds like it is going to take a lot of time. Call me if I can help, like deliver meals or iron your shirts or something.

Angela said...

Awe, we've got the nicest mom EVER! Good luck with the new project. It's actually the sort of thing I imagined you doing as a "real job" so keep us posted on how it goes.

mdiller said...

One fist full of luck wished directly to Austin.

Also, I wish my mom would come and iron my cloths and make me food. You're pretty lucky already.

steve said...

I suggest dressing them up in jester's hats. Or, maybe you could constantly move the camera around the room, and tilt it sideways and stuff. Oh, and have a ticker tape going across the bottom of the screen, with realtime market news. And then get the two of them to argue vehemently over what the latest market analysis means -- like guys arguing over stats from a chapionship basketball game.

Jenna and Dillon said...

Sweet deal, Austin. Where are you going to shoot this? If you need any grunts to help you, let me know. I have no shame in doing grunt work.

Also, why don't you ask The Walz if this would suffice as your capstone project? Methinks he'd be OK with that. Since you still haven't got the ball rolling on your internet newsletter, this may be a better alternative. ;)